no vegans in abitibi-témiscamingue

Yet another season of treeplanting!

Due to a few curveballs, we've landed ourselves in Quebec this year.
It's currently day-off in Rouyan-Noranda after an arduous 1st shift; during work, we're camping out of Rapide-Sept. "Camping" being a very loose term, since we have cabins with running water and electricity (!).

My initial food-fears have lifted in the land of poutine, where vegetarianism is deemed a disease. They weren't groundless: 2 seasons ago when we planted in Quebec, our vegetarian friends ate sides for dinner: soggy tinned peas and potatoes. The game of what's-for-dinner turned into wondering what's-not-for-dinner, since there were usually 3 different meat mains on any given night.

It's definitely also because we'd been spoiled on the Kap contract for the last 2 spring plants - our head cook had graduated from chef school prior to my first season. Everything was made from scratch (not only is it tastier and healthier, it's easier on the wallet when you're on the company budget), down to salad dressings and soup.

Although eggs to order are frequently breakfast foods, it hasn't be the only option (which was certainly the case 2 summers ago). And though not every dinner was accompanied by a side of veggies, it's been nowhere near mushy peas 5 consecutive nights. Our cook makes a mean meatloaf (which I found out in French is actually "bread of meat"), and a fairly good caesar dressing. Quebec soul food!

I am, however, looking forward to a grocery run today (to cure my lack-of-greens-crankiness) - we're spending our 2nd day off in camp. With stoves and fridges in the cabins, it's going to be a feast tonight!