s is for stemless.

You may have noticed the glassware in my last post about the boy's tasty concoctions (it was sadly hiding behind the soup bowls). Check them out in greater detail (and without wine):

I fell in love with Spiegelau's Authentis Casual stemless glassware about a year ago. Sadly, my inner klutz constantly reminded me that it was a Bad Idea to be purchasing Really Nice Glassware on a student budget if it meant constant replacements were to be bought. Having been on the lookout for more affordable stem(less) ware since then, I recently stumbled upon these lovlies. A set of 4, with carafe, only dented my wallet by 12$!


an at home dinner date

Ever since dining at Casa Tapas and Zumaia (which has sadly closed its doors recently), the boy has been itching to recreate some of the lovely food. Namely some sort of red-pepper-goat-cheese concoction, and a garlic-saffron-tomato soup. Last Thursday, I definitely wasn’t going to complain if he wanted to whip up a feast of sorts. Served with lovely grilled potatoes from the George Foreman and a small plateful of kalamata olives, we washed down the meal with some of the boy’s wine (he’ll need to do another order soon, that’s for sure).

Note the proud display on the recently acquired dining table. (mostly) Functional, though a little rickety, and not the most aesthetically pleasing thing. But (mostly) functional. Which is fantastic!