an at home dinner date

Ever since dining at Casa Tapas and Zumaia (which has sadly closed its doors recently), the boy has been itching to recreate some of the lovely food. Namely some sort of red-pepper-goat-cheese concoction, and a garlic-saffron-tomato soup. Last Thursday, I definitely wasn’t going to complain if he wanted to whip up a feast of sorts. Served with lovely grilled potatoes from the George Foreman and a small plateful of kalamata olives, we washed down the meal with some of the boy’s wine (he’ll need to do another order soon, that’s for sure).

Note the proud display on the recently acquired dining table. (mostly) Functional, though a little rickety, and not the most aesthetically pleasing thing. But (mostly) functional. Which is fantastic!

3 comment:

Mikey said...

that food looks wonderous.

holybasil said...

Thanks for your comment on my site. I wanted to let you know that I've loaded the recipe for Bitter Melon Soup - minus the rants!

oliver said...

wow, looks like an amazing feast, lindsay!

What's your opinion on the george foreman grill? A worthwhile purchase? I've been mulling about it for a while, and can't figure out whether its worth the money, or, more importantly, the counter-space...

By the way, if you noticed sometimes the pictures on the site look a little jaggedy, it's cuz internet browsers are crappy at resizing pictures. Try resizing them in photoshop and then posting them as their original size (took me about 3 months to figure that out!).