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I love my family dearly, yes, but I can't say I'm a fan of a lot of the idiosyncrasies (to put mildly). Went out for dinner as usual on Sunday night (courtesy of the me-taking-them-out-upon-the-first-summer-paycheque tradition). Pretty descent food - chiu chow cuisine is definitely lacking in Montreal - but everyone's bound to have something critical to say(repetitiveness seems to be the greatest sin here). Though to give them credit (for a slice of their comments) - I must admit that duck with tarosounds fabulous in theory - but... only if the flavours actually blend. Both duck & taro were swimming (rather separately) in way too much sodium chocked sauce. Oh well, they're family, right?

On the food theme, I was rather amused by my grandmother's (very critical) comments about my cousin's wife's zongzi (goodness that looks terrible spelled out in letters, and doesn't sound at all like how it's pronounced in Cantonese.. but anyway!). Sure, they're a little bland every year (okay, very bland), but of course everything pales in comparison to the ones my grandmother makes (with a dried scallop per, along with lots of other good stuff, of course).

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