krinos feta: doric macedonian style.

We have (now a little less than) 700g of feta in our fridge.

It's by far the best tasting feta cheese I've had in a long time (if ever) - it's creamy and smooth. It has a much better balance of brine/salt than most. Did I mention how creamy it is?

Its raison d'ĂȘtre in our fridge was the boy's rationalization that it was "the most authentic looking thing at A+P". Not to mention best bang for buck - I believe the 700g tub was around 15$. Try it if you see it. You can't miss the hideous cylindrical yellow tub with a red top.

Doric Macedonian Style Feta

3 comment:

Ryan said...

Thanks for the intel Lindsay! I love feta and have recently been on a goat cheese rampage.

Panos said...

Do you know if this is in fact made with goat cheese? It doesn't say anywhere on the container.

lindsay said...

@panos - unfortunately not, sorry!